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Subject: Re: [OM] [OT] Mamiya 6
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:17:49 -0700
Still "looking" for something to compliment the OM system. Anyone owns or has experience w/ one of these? How well does it work hand held? Any cons? Thanks.

// richard <http://www.imagecraft.com>


I got a Mamiya 7 recently and have not used it that much yet. Still getting used to it. The chromes are stunning. I got the 80mm lens and it is very sharp. It is very easy to hand hold with good results. The shutter is so quiet it is disconcerting because I am used to "feedback" from my OM to let me know it has tripped. I mainly got it for black and white, but have been shooting the chromes because I wanted to get an idea of meter accuracy. It works very well although the read out is hard to see in the view finder. The rangefinder works well. In dim light the viewfinder is not very bright, but it is usable. It handles very well. You hardly notice the size because it is so light. I had a Lowe Pro "Off Road" camera bag kicking around that works very well for it. It holds the camera face down in the top with room for light meter and flash. The strip off side pockets will be useful if I add another lens or two.

The Mamiya 6 may be the way to go. There is so much made in the way of film handling stuff for 6 x 6. 6 x 7 slide holders, viewers, slide projectors for instance are horrendous in price. If you decide to buy new, Robert Smith in England prices are about the same as used here.

Winsor Crosby
Long Beach, California

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