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Subject: [OM] [OT] Mamiya 6
From: "Jeff Keller" <jeffreyrkeller@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:24:42 -0700
I can only provide a tiny bit of help. I got a Mamiya 7 II about 6
months ago. When I was searching for info prior to making the decision I
ran across comments about the Mamiya 6 / 7 / 7II such as (IRRC)

1.) Several claimed the rangefinder is inaccurate
2.) The 7 vs. the 7 II had some reliability issues (specific feature
which I've forgotten)
3.) Depth of field markings on lenses claimed to be very optimistic
4.) The short tele (210mm) isn't coupled to the rangefinder (IRRC?)
5.) The lenses are rated very highly

With this in my mind, I tended to mount it on a tripod and zone focus. I
was very impressed with the pictures (looking through a microscope) but
I haven't had enlargements made yet.

The lenses available for the 7 are rather an odd collection of focal
lengths. I believe there was a photographer who also reviewed the Pentax
6x7 and had some worthwhile comments to make about the Mamiya. He likes
tele's and prefers the Pentax. I can't find the links that would be most
specific. Perhaps one of these will lead to helpful info


The camera seems to be very hand holdable and easy to use. The biggest
problems were just getting used to a RF vs. SLR: too many pictures of
the lens caps, looking through the wrong viewfinder, odd requirement to
have film already advanced to change lenses. It is light for a medium
format camera, it hangs nicely around my neck. (I carried the OM on a
tripod over my shoulder). The lens hoods are small and easy to keep on
the lenses. It does attract a fair amount of attention because of its
size. IMHO the camera has a very nice feel to it! The two biggest
shortcomings are no shift lenses and no long tele's. If you were into
B&W, the difficulty using filters should be considered. I don't have
their $200 polarizer but suspect something similar could be put together
for other filters. Overall, I can't imagine wanting to sell it.

Good luck,

>Still "looking" for something to compliment the OM system.
>Anyone owns or has experience w/ one of these? How well
>does it work hand held? Any cons?  Thanks.

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