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Re: Subject: Re: [OM] How to test "new" OM-4T

Subject: Re: Subject: Re: [OM] How to test "new" OM-4T
From: "Ken Norton" <image66@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 09:27:42 -0500
The other Ken wrote:
>This is an interesting thread. I just got my  Sensia and Kodachromes back
>my trip to Greece and I am disappointed with the results of my OM2n. Too
>pictures appear very underexposed (dark, muddy). Most of my exposures were
>on Auto. (pictures from a bus and fast moving items are hard to get in
>mode).  Sooo, I am getting an OM4T for its spot metering.
>It seems that the OM2N either  in need of calibration, the full screen auto
>exposure is confusing me, or I need to set the exposure compensation at an
>other than the films recommended ASA.

This is rather interesting.  First of all, I'd say that since the pictures
were leaning towards the underexposed side, it isn't the metering method,
but the calibration.  The "slightly center-weighted" metering of OTF is more
than adequate for the 90% rule.  I don't use spot metering very much and I'm
more than happy with the OTF metering that my OM-2S and (recently sold)

What you are describing, I think, is a classic example of ASA Dial Dirt
(ADD). Look through your viewfinder and wiggle the ASA dial.  If the meter
jumps around a bit, this is the problem.  The short term solution is to
rotate the dial back and forth a few times to "carve" an electrical path
through the tarnish.  Longer term solution is to have the camera maintained
by a service center.

Oh, great.  Now that all of our children are diagnosed with ADD, we have to
diagnose our cameras with it too.

Ken N.

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