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Re: [OM] Re: Possible "FS" items ::offline!

Subject: Re: [OM] Re: Possible "FS" items ::offline!
From: Gary Schloss <schloss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 01:26:31 -0800
Giles Stewart wrote:

>Gary Schloss wrote:
>> Anyway, my apologies for wasting the bandwidth, AGAIN!
>> The usual punishment of 60 lashes with an M.Grip Cord
>> will be promptly administered by the listserv ayatollah.
>Gary, Gary, Gary.....tsk, tsk, tsk...Not so fast!
>The "usual" punishment is 60 lashes but that is for a first offence,
>this is at least a second offence.
>I am afraid the appropriate punishment is that you now
>have to write a 2000 word article extolling the features and
>ergonomics of the N*K*N F601 (N6006) while sitting with an OM 4Ti in
>front of you - and....Ah yes...you are not allowed to use sarcasm or
>be facetious.
>Gary, should there be a third offence,  you will have to memorize
>the instruction manual for the F5 and spend a year monitoring
>rec.photo.equipment.35mm and answer all queries relating to it.

Hmm, due to the harshness of the above punishments, I may be forced
to consider a move to Iran or to Saudi Arabia. :-)  Anyone knows a
good camera store in Tehran, or an OLY Mecca in Riyadh?

Cheers (oops, I meant: Allah Akhbar :-)),

/Gary Schloss.
Studio City, CA

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