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[OM] Possible "For Sale" items (but need help with pricing)

Subject: [OM] Possible "For Sale" items (but need help with pricing)
From: Garth Wood <garth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 16:08:15 -0600
So, I'm sitting here one sunny afternoon, taking a short break from writing up 
yet another thing for yet another client, and I'm thinking the following:

"I've got a bunch of lenses in Oly mount I'd like to sell."

Unfortunately, I have *zero* idea what they're worth.  I could just post 'em to 
eBay, but I'd like to give list members first crack at 'em.  Anybody got any 
suggestions for me?

They are as follows:

* Tokina AT-X 235 28-135mm F/4.0-4.6 one-touch zoom with LD glass, in "like 
new" condition (and I'm serious about that).  Bought about ten years ago, used 
for a short while, and then until recently stored in a sealed plastic bag with 
dessicant.  No signs of nasties like fungus (everything's crystal clear), and 
not a scratch or nick on 'er.  Essentially looks like new.  Comes with original 
owner's manual, hard case, hard screw-on lens shade.  Also comes with four 67mm 
filters: a Hoya PL-CIR circular polarizer, a Tiffen 81A warming filter, a 
Tiffen #2 fog filter (made *fabulous* "atmospheric" portraits for a friend's 
wedding many years ago), and a Hoya Sky 1B (the regular "protective" filter 
mounted on the lens).  All filters are crystal clear, clean and free of 
scratches, nicks etc.

* Olympus Zuiko 200mm F/4.0 telephoto.  An older style (with the silvered edges 
on the built-in lens hood, rather than black), but takes good photos 
nevertheless.  This is in good condition, with slight wear on the mount, good 
glass front and back (the front element has a pinpoint imperfection on it, 
about two millimetres out from the edge and in the "ten o'clock" position when 
viewed through the viewfinder, which appears to have no effect on the pictures 
it takes -- two of the photos in the Oly Gallery under my listing were taken 
with this lens, and I can detect no trace of effect from this imperfection in 
the original photos, even with a jeweller's loupe).  Paul Farrar's Oly lenses 
FAQ suggest a range between $115 - $245 U.S.

* Vivitar 70-200mm F/3.8 macro focusing zoom (1:4), in excellent condition.  
(Yes, it *is* 70-200, *not* 70-210 -- I'd never heard of this lens, but it's 
relatively light and well built.)  I received this as part of a deal for an 
immaculate OM-1n body, and don't really have any use for it.  Glass front and 
back appears to be perfect, and I can't see any signs of nasties growing 
anywhere.  It looks like it was bought new, used a few times, and then stored 
(quite possible, though I don't know).  Comes with a CPC 58mm Sky 1A filter 
(I'm told it's a competent generic brand, and it's in good shape, though not 
perfect [hey, it did its job, protecting the lens]).

* Olympus Zuiko 50mm F/3.5 macro lens, in excellent shape.  Front and rear 
elements appear to be perfect.  No fungus, no nicks, scratches or visible wear 
(other than on the lens mount, and it's slight), and comes with a 49mm Hoya Sky 
1B filter and the original hard case.  Goes to 1:2.  Paul Farrar's Oly lenses 
FAQ suggests a range between $150 - $275 U.S.

I guess I'm trying to figure out what they'd be worth in U.S. dollars, but I 
really have no idea.  Any suggestions (other than the FAQs)?  Anyone interested 
in buying these?  Lemme know.


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