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Re: [OM] OMs unobtrusiveness (was All f2s)

Subject: Re: [OM] OMs unobtrusiveness (was All f2s)
From: "Ulf Westerberg" <ulf.westerberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Jul 1998 11:58:28 +0200
Denton Taylor wtrote:

>But if you're just walking around, a single body and a lens or two is
>certainly less expensive than say an EOS1 or F5. Less likely to attract
>attention also.

And Winsor Crosby wrote:
>I would also like to add that since I frequently shoot this way, that it is
>really nice to have some lenses that produce world class images that easily
>and unobtrusively slip into a pocket.

Yes, isn't this unobtrusiveness one of the most attracting things of the
OM-system? To me, to grab a well-worn (yet perfectly functioning) OM-body,
no winders etc, just a 50/1.8 attached and go out and capture the moment is
one big thrill. To be able to make technically perfect images from such a
combo that looks like something some novice just may have thrashed. (If you
were robbed , they would probably rather have your old t-shirt then that
antiquity hanging around your neck). I always think of those
photo-journalists armed with F4's and monster zooms, poor sods.

Of course this also works the other way. Maybe one of the factors of "why
Oly's in a whole" is because of the diminituive size of most system
components. Have one you of ever seen a Leica R8? I don't wanna make enemies
with any Leica owners, but this housing is SO enormously huge that I really
got a shock. But it may reflect the times we're living in right now, you
don't get many scores for being unobtrusive these days.

Just my ramblings.

Ulf Westerberg

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