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Re: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole / screens & 280 flash

Subject: Re: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole / screens & 280 flash
From: "Tomoko Yamamoto" <tomokoy@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:32:56 -0400
Shawn Wright wrote:
>The speeds I referred to are the 1/25 to 1/50th, as stated by the original
>author. My point was that at these speeds, why bother with the F280? It offers
>*no* benefit over a T series flash when used in the TTL shutter speed range
>below 1/60. As you correctly state, the F280 is designed for daylight fill,
>which usually means above 1/60 second for wide aperture portraits, etc. While
>the fully automated results in such cases may be excellent, there seems to be
>little provision for *easily* adjusting flash fill ratios, with either TTL or
>FP flash.
Actually the OM-4T does not control the F280 flash in the Super FP mode below 
1/60 in the auto mode.  Below 1/60 sec,
you need to operate manually to synchronize the F280 super FP flashes.

I've used a wide adapter as a diffuser for the F280 on my OM2000 and the OM-4T.
It looks like I have sufficiently reduced the flash output under this condition 
and made the F280 act as a fill flash.

On the 2000, I just underexposed by one stop or so, and it worked out.   I have 
not finished the roll in the 4T yet.

>Yes, these are excellent examples. I'll be interested in your test results. If
>they work out, does this mean one could take a spot reading on the background
>with a 4T, then set the manual shutter speed for 2 stops under, then use the
>F280 to properly expose the the foreground? This is the sort of thing I would
>like to have, but I thought someone said that the F280 goes to full power when
>used with the 4-T in manual mode? (much like the T-20 does if left in TTL
In the test I have already done in the manual mode, I recall the difference 
between the background and the foreground
was about two stops.  I set the shutter speed for the bright background and 
used the wide adapter on the F280 and shot a
few tests.  I'd better finish the roll tomorrow so that I have some idea how my 
setup works out.  We had a thunderstorm
tonight which I hope will bring the temperature down and remove the humidity to 
work outside tomorrow.  Besides the
early-morning walk I stayed inside all day today to avoid the heat.

Tomoko Yamamoto

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