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[OM] Olympus Zuiko 35-105mm Zoom Quality

Subject: [OM] Olympus Zuiko 35-105mm Zoom Quality
From: "Mike Tan" <mike_tan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 01:47:40 PDT

I just subscribed to the Olympus mailing list.  I own an OM20 with a 
50mmf1.8 which I recently bought used but in almost mint condition.  I 
love this Olympus camera as it is very compact and light.

I have an opportunity to buy a 35-105mm for about US$150 including 
cleaning(some fungus).  It looks barely used and there are absolutely no 
scratches.  The mount has no noticeable scratches either.

How is the optical quality of this lens?  Is it mechanically robust?

I find it to be a very good addition to my basic system especially as I 
intend to use it for travel.

Thank you to all who contribute.

Mike Tan

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