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Re: [OM] Reversing Ring/Macro Hints/Help?

Subject: Re: [OM] Reversing Ring/Macro Hints/Help?
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 00:19:49 EDT
Subj:   Re: [OM] Reversing Ring/Macro Hints/Help?
Date:   98-07-18 00:31:07 EDT
From:   WKato
To:     olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In a message dated 98-07-17 13:08:35 EDT, you write:

<< Good reference book? >>  Shipman, any one of several editions

<< How does one use a reversing ring?  And what for?>>  If it is a 49mm size
reversing ring, reverse a normal 50mm lens and screw it into the 49mm male
threads. The other bayonet end fits into the lens mount. It's good for for
about 2:1 magnification (roughly).  There's no aperture control unless you use
a Kenko stop down adapter.  There's another type of ring with two male 49mm
threads on it.  Usually it's used with a 50mm reversed on about a 100mm.
Aperature is controlled by the 100mm and the 50mm is left wide open.

<< What lens(es) does one use with it?>>  Usually the 50mm but you can use it
with the 35mm for more magnification.

<< Are the extension tubes redundant if you have the full assortment of macro
 lenses?>>  Not really, I use them for closer focusing for my telephoto lens.
You can use them with your macro lenses but the greater the extension, the
farther you are getting away from the design limits of the lens.  In macro,
however, because no one really knows what things should look like at 1X, etc.,
no one seems to notice any lack of sharpness.
<<Are extension tubes only useful with long lenses?  Could you use one with a
 reflex lens (500/8)?>>  I don't have one and it should work with some
reduction in sharpness.  Good for close up snake pictures.  I use short
extension tubes for the 300/4.5 and 400/5.6 (third party brand) to
increase(decrease) close focusing distance.

<< Should I still be on the lookout for an Auto-bellows?>>  Used with the
bellows, the 80mm is optimized for 0.5x to 2x.  It is the sharpest Oly
combination in that magnification range.  If this is one of your favorite
ranges, it is a must.  The auto extension tube also works in a similar range.
It goes from .5x to 1.2x by itself and 1x to 2x with the special close up
 And PS:  I don't think you have the "usual" assortment of lens but are lucky
to have an almost complete collection.

Warren Kato

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