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Re: [OM] Reversing Ring/Macro Hints/Help?

Subject: Re: [OM] Reversing Ring/Macro Hints/Help?
From: "John Petrush" <jfp@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 20:29:23 -0400
Steven_Read@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  enquired about:

<......big ol' snip....>
>Good reference book?
>How does one use a reversing ring?  And what for?

The reversing ring allows you to mount a normal lens backwards on the body,
providing a higher reproduction ratio, or greater magnification.

>What lens(es) does one use with it?

Actually, any focal length lens with the same accessory thread will work.  I
would suppose the 35 (fixed or shift), 50/3.5 Macro, 85/2, and 100/2.8 would
work the best with various combinations of extension tube, auto-tube or
bellows.  My 6x4.5 bellows is equiped with tilt, swing, shift and rise&fall,
for getting that last little bit of plane of focus control.  The shift would
be great fun to experiment with.  I simply have to get one of those someday.

>Are the extension tubes redundant if you have the full assortment of macro

There really is no such thing as redundant Oly equipment <g>.  Extension
tubes (get the auto tubes if you can) have their place for modest
magnifications, especially hand held and/of in the field.  With bellows and
a 65-116 Auto extension tube, those applications may be few and far between,
but when you need it, they are just the right tool.

>Are extension tubes only useful with long lenses?  Could you use one with a
>reflex lens (500/8)?

I think 500mm is a bit of a stretch, but it sure would give you a lot of
working distance for photographing browns in the wild......  I've gone as
far as 200mm, but never more.

>Should I still be on the lookout for an Auto-bellows?

I prefer the bellows for "table top" work, where I do not have to worry
about the elements so much.  The  65-116 Auto extension tube and regular
extension tubes can tolerate a lot more knocking around, as one encounters
in the field.
>And lastly shouldn't some of the answers to this end up in the FAQ?

John P

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