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[OM] FAQ request?

Subject: [OM] FAQ request?
From: Steven_Read@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 13:01:25 -0400

The FAQ's don't seem to have the answers to what I would have thought were
basic questions specifically:

What are the basic differences between OM-1, 2, 3, and 4.  E.G. there is a
useful discussion about differences between the flavors M-1, OM-1, OM-1MD,
OM-1N etcetera, but nothing that I could find that would tell me why I
would want to buy an OM-4/4Ti to supplement my OM-1x collection.

The other question that feels like I should know the answer (but don't) is
besides the OM-2000 are any of the OM bodies, I'd guess the OM-3Ti or
OM-4Ti's, still being made/available new? (price is naturally a different
question :-).  The links I followed from the web site say that both the 3Ti
and 4Ti are currently available though I've never seen them for sale (even
PVT doesn't seem to be offering them new).

Would anyone care to take a whack at filling in this hole in my education?

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