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Re: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole

Subject: Re: [OM] Why Oly is in a hole
From: Wijsmuller.VanderBel@xxxxxx
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 14:58:44 +0000
Hans (VELUWEH@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> The latter is very true indeed, but although the 2-13 may already be
> mounted in a new 3-Ti (why not in 4-Ti's, Olympus???), the "2" series
> of focusing screens certainly are not specifically designed for this
> camera - remember they fit and work without restrictions in the 2Sp, 3,
> 4 and 4Ti too. So the real upgrade was indeed to the System, not to
> this specific camera.

And I doubt this upgrade was a real 'innovation' at its time, because 
in a brochure for the OM-10, 20 (G) and 30 (F) I found that the OM-20 
is equiped with a 'fine lumicron' extra bright focussing screen.

I assume this means that the OM-20 actually has a '2' series 
focussing screen aboard, maybe John Hermanson has a serial number 

Now this makes me wonder what the reason was for Olympus to come with 
the '2' series screens relatively long after the OM-20 was  

Three ideas (and more welcome ;-):

Maybe they finally get rid of the major part of their stock of 1-4 
and 1-13 screens?

These kind of 'innovations' are kept in stock, until needed to get 
the markets attention (when the sales of the remaining lenses and 
accessories drop under a certain level and it is needed to boost 
sales, otherwise they'll never get rid of them ;-). How about a very 
compact winder operating on a small lithium cell, a powerfull F 
flash, a wireless remote control, etc?

And my best guess: Mr. Maitani, getting older and with diminishing 
eye-sight, just ordered some for his own use (knowing of course that 
the technology was available). Unfortunately when they brought 
the old and almost forgotten focussingscreen machine (sounds good) 
back to life the minimum amount to make in one production run was 
10.000. So they had to market some surplus (thanks Mr. Maitani!)

John H., I've read about the option to install a different focussing 
screen in a OM-10, but is it's format usable in a single digit OM? 
If so, I predict a heavy price increase in second hand heavy 
used OM-20's (and G's of course), which without doubt will sell for 
less than the costs of a new 2-13 screen.   ;-)

Have fun,

Frank Wijsmuller.

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