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Re: [OM] re: Pan-X / Tech Pan

Subject: Re: [OM] re: Pan-X / Tech Pan
From: Gary Edwards <edwardsg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 22:20:12 -0500
Marco Tomat wrote:
> Why not using TP on the 4x5 too?
Good question, longish answer.  For depth of field reasons with a 4x5
one usually uses small apertures (by 35 mm standards) for landscapes,
say f/32. I use an exposure index of 25 for Tech Pan, so by sunny 16, on
a bright day we start at 1/25th and f/16, then 1/12th at f/22, finally
1/6th second at f/32.  But there is some shadow detail beneath Half Dome
I want to place in Zone III, so I need 2 more stops of exposure; now
we're at 2/3 second exposure.  Oops, I am using a 15 (deep yellow)
filter to bring the sky down to Zone V and it costs another 1-2/3 stop;
now we are pushing 2 seconds exposure and the wind just picked up and is
blurring the leaves....  If I use my normal Tri-X at EI=250 we are back
up to a much more agreeable 1/4 second exposure (approximately).  Don't
check my calculations too closely, I did them fast in my head, but you
get the idea. A film speed of 25 is a real pain in 4x5 field work.
Besides, 4x5 Tri-X makes beautiful large prints if you are careful.  You
don't need a finer grained film, at least up to the biggest prints my
4x5 enlarger can make.

 The best use for Tech Pan is matching 4x5 print quality with an OM when
you don't need camera movements (or even when you do, if you can afford
a Zuicko PC lens, though I would miss the tilts.)

Regards, Gary

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