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[OM] Status of Sale items.

Subject: [OM] Status of Sale items.
From: gma <gma@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:06:15 -0700
Hello all. Here's the latest update on my for sale items.

I believe there are some bargains here if functionality is more
important than looks.
And there are 3 really nice lenses in & out.

First, the collectors editions:

 * Zuiko 21/3.5     (9+)                         $275.00        S/N
With original hard case. Not MC, but sharp wide open edge-to-edge.
condition. Glass perfect.

******Off the market, cause i sold the other one.***********
 * Zuiko 50 F/1.2  (9)                           $250.00.     S/N 109xxx

Extremely sharp lens at f/4 up. Has very slight ding in filter mount,
but filters
still screw in. This ding was from a drop last year (filter on front
absorbed the
impact, mostly). Just to be safe, I had Oly service after drop and all's
well. Really
pretty lens. Glass beautiful  I'm original owner.

  * Zuiko 300 F.4.5  (9+)                       $395.00    S/N 145xxx
This lens is beautiful.  Comes with original hard case. I'm original
owner.  Great,
sharp lens.

* Tokina 2X for OM  (9-)                 $  20.00
Glass is like new. Might make a good extension tube!

Now, the beauty-is-only-skin-deep stuff:  If you just wanna take
pictures and don't
care how good your equip looks while doin it, buy this stuff for the
glass. These are
NOT cherry and are I hope priced accordingly.

* Zuiko 50 F/1.2     (8-)                        $175.00.    S/N 109xxx
The exterior of this lens shows some wear, especially at rear flange,
but glass  is

 * Zuiko 85 F/2       (7-)                        $135.00.     S/N
Exterior shows wear, chroming on aperture ring, flange shows lots of
use. Rear
element has a few cleaning-mark-type very slight scratches. Does not
appear to be MC
( I see purple, yellow and cream)

 * Zuiko 100 F/2      (7)                         $275.00     S/N 104xxx

Exterior wear: chroming, several tiny nicks, flange shows wear. Glass is
outside, but buyer may want to have need inside cleaned.

* Zuiko 300 F/4.5    (6)                         $200.00     S/N 126xxx
Exterior is well-worn: chroming, nicks, DOF scale damaged by tripod
collar, which is
a mess in itself, real ugly but it works. BUT the glass is fine. There
is no front
cap, but I'll ship with a UV filter and Cokin filter adapter. If you
want this focal
length, how can you beat this price?

And finally, some less-than-perfect but cheap bodies.

 * OM-1n  CHR        (8+)             $ 75.00  S/N 1846xxx
Camera looks darn good. Few paint chips off back is all. BUT, meter is
INOP and could
use new foam (I'll include a genuine PvT foam kit).

I'm only going to sell one of the following 2 cameras, I don't care
which.  Whichever
is left, I'll use for a go anywhere in any conditions I don't care if it
gets banged
cause it's already ugly camera. Suggest buyer of the other plan to use
it the same

******Off the market, cause i sold the other one.***********
* OM-4                (7-)                        $250.00    S/N 1028xxx

Everything works. Camera shows lots of use, especially on the bottom
plate.  It's
mostly brass.  But with a new bottom plate, this thing would look pretty
good. There
is some brassing on the top plate and a bit on the self timer. The white
lettering is
gone. The back is ugly. But everything works.

* OM-4T                (6)                       $250.00     S/N 1111xxx

This camera is REALLY UGLY and the flash connector on front is bent.
Someone tried to
paint the titanium black and found out how tough that is to do. Titanium
'paint' is
all blotched up from cleaning attempts. Looks like it's been in a fire.
personality!  And proof of Oly toughness! Did I mention  it's ugly?  But
if all you
want is a working 4T...

Also: Nikon FE-2    (9-)             $200     Clean. All works except
film advance
can move w/o shutter trip
        Nikon 55 F/2.8 micro (9-)   $150.    Nice lens. recently
        Nikon DR-3 focusing magnifier (9) $65.00
        Nikon SB-18 speedlight (9-)           $65.00


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