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[OM] Graduation from being an equipment to a phptography freak.

Subject: [OM] Graduation from being an equipment to a phptography freak.
From: sunil manga <ameteep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 12:01:10 +0530
here starts a NEW line of confession, whether one is in the EQUIPMENT Buying & Experimenting Phase or has settled down with his seriously thought and tried set of cameras and lenses to take some pictures.

Well! I started my photography with a LEICA M-3 & 50/1.4 summilux,
~ used for 2 years and jumped onto a NiKON F2 Photomic + 50/1.2 +43~86 zoom+ 35/2.8+24/2.8+300/4+70~210zoom+ favourite 105/2.5.
Another F2 +MD3 & yet another LEICA M-4 with 35/50 & 90mm lenses.
At this stage, decided, that NIKON and GOSSEN metering was dumb and the end results horrible or poor. Also benchmarked various CANON/MINOLTA/PENTAX SLR and 2 1/4 ROLLEFLEX TLR/PENTAX 6x7.
Experimented with an OM-2 and got hooked on the results. Tremendous sharpness and contrast with SPOT-ON exposures. What a CAMERA!!
Again came the equipment phase, a 35/2+135/2.8+100/2.8+35~70/3.6+65~200/4+180/2.8+24/2.8+21/3.5
+18/3.5+50/1.2+50/3.5 macro+35/2.8 shift+24/3.5 shift+35~105 zoom
+various accessories.
NOW since 1989 settled down on an OM-4T +18/3.5+35/2.8 shift+50/3.5 macro +100/2.8. With this package I am getting tremendous results and do not want to ride the equipment race again.
My speciality is INDUSTRIAL and my personal is LANDSCAPE Photography.
My request to all the list users, try some intro-spection, 'are YOU an EQUIPMENT or a PHOTOGRAPHIC FREAK?'
What comes FIRST, the PICTURE or the CAMERA body?
Your replies will be appreciated.
Sunil Manga.

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