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Re: [OM] Graduation from being an equipment to a phptography freak.

Subject: Re: [OM] Graduation from being an equipment to a phptography freak.
From: gma <gma@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 13:15:24 -0700

Interesting story. You sure don't fool around when you jump into a
system! <g>

Me?  I started with an OM-1 black in 1977 mainly because of size and
that it was the accepted best for one of my uses: astrophotography.  I
bought it with a 50/1.8 Later, I added a Vivitar 28/2 and a Vivitar
80-200/4. All this stuff bought new.  The zoom lasted about 4 years or
less before literally falling apart in my hand.  I felt there was a
lesson there and replaced it with a Zuiko 65-200/4, even though it cost
'a lot' for me then. (The Vivitar 28/2 lasted another 5 years before it,
too, self-destructed. It was a sharp lens, though. The Zuiko zoom was
much sharper that the Vivitar and has lasted about 17 years now.)

This was my system for the next 5 years, until I became REAL serious
(addicted?) to photography.  At this point, I decided I needed more
gear, and then more gear, and then even more gear until I now have,
rough count, 11 OM bodies, 24 or so Zuikos, an IS-3 and a bit of N***n.
When I first decided to increase my 'collection', I thought of switching
from Olympus, but figured I was too deep into it (after all, I had a
camera and 3 lenses!!??)

To conclude, I think in my case it was the picture that came first.  I
mean, I chose the OM-1 for astro, and whenever I bought a lens, it was
to allow me to do something more that I couldn't do with what I had. The
only things I've bought new since way back are : my 4T, 90 macro,
300/4.5, 50/1.2 and 1.4X and F280.  All the rest have been used. BTW, my
OM-1 black is now ONLY my astro camera - the meter died last year.

Thanks for posing an intresting question.


sunil manga wrote:

>  Dear OLYITES!!
> here starts a NEW line of confession, whether one is in the EQUIPMENT
> Buying & Experimenting Phase or has settled down with his seriously
> thought and tried set of cameras and lenses to take some pictures.
> Well! I started my photography with a LEICA M-3 & 50/1.4 summilux,
> ~ used for 2 years and jumped onto a NiKON F2 Photomic + 50/1.2 +43~86
> zoom+ 35/2.8+24/2.8+300/4+70~210zoom+ favourite 105/2.5.
> Another F2 +MD3 & yet another LEICA M-4 with 35/50 & 90mm lenses.
> At this stage, decided, that NIKON and GOSSEN metering was dumb and
> the end results horrible or poor. Also benchmarked various
> Experimented with an OM-2 and got hooked on the results. Tremendous
> sharpness and contrast with SPOT-ON exposures. What a CAMERA!!
> Again came the equipment phase, a
> 35/2+135/2.8+100/2.8+35~70/3.6+65~200/4+180/2.8+24/2.8+21/3.5
> +18/3.5+50/1.2+50/3.5 macro+35/2.8 shift+24/3.5 shift+35~105 zoom
> +various accessories.
> NOW since 1989 settled down on an OM-4T +18/3.5+35/2.8 shift+50/3.5
> macro +100/2.8. With this package I am getting tremendous results and
> do not want to ride the equipment race again.
> My speciality is INDUSTRIAL and my personal is LANDSCAPE Photography.
> My request to all the list users, try some intro-spection, 'are YOU an
> What comes FIRST, the PICTURE or the CAMERA body?
> Your replies will be appreciated.
> Sunil Manga.
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