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Re:[OM] Other Problems with FILM

Subject: Re:[OM] Other Problems with FILM
From: svtbrad@xxxxxxxxxx (Bradley Mabb)
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 20:56:09 -0700

      Hi Kerry,

        Ok ok, I don't always read the email everyday :)
        We recently got one of the mentioned Kodachrome "mini-labs" here
     in the San Francisco Bay Area, so the DO exist. Maybe you'll be getting 
     one soon :) Ask your local camera shop to ask their lab rep.
       Also, your Kodachrome variances you get from B&H MIGHT be that it MAY
     be grey market film. I can't recall offhand if B&H is on the greymarket
     list for Kodak film or not, but you might want to find out.



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