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Re: [OM] Other Problems with FILM

Subject: Re: [OM] Other Problems with FILM
From: Bpsterra@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:29:54 EDT
Good info.  The Wilhelm figures are the classics.

All sorts of things fall out of this: don't use Kodachrome originals in slide
shows (use dupes instead); try to dissuade clients from projecting Kodachrome
during their decision-making process (often done so a members of a group can
view and discuss a transparency at the same time), don't use Kodachrome for
routines where transparencies will spend a lot of time in the light (on light
tables, on viewers, etc.), return Kodachrome to dark storage as soon as use of
it is completed, and so on.

It's slow; but where usable, Kodachrome 25 is still a terrific film.

Carl May
Biological Photo Service

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