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Re: [OM] First shot processed from Ireland

Subject: Re: [OM] First shot processed from Ireland
From: usher99--- via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 May 2024 21:37:48 +0000 (UTC)
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Thanks for looking and commenting Frank and Wayne.   Regarding the not level 
issue, my first operation in PS was to straighten it on the vertical in the 
castle.  On noting the off kilter reflection after the correction I attributed 
that in a 2 sec analysis time to the odd phenomenon of reflections on uneven 
surfaces  appear to skew towards the observer, like headlights reflecting on 
wet pavement.  An operator error in PS was deemed a second remote possibility.  
I had mentally noted Marnie's long exposure time  that would seemingly even out 
the small ripples.  Glass like water on that inlet is rare.  The physics and 
underlying math of that phenomenon is a bit complicated.


I am still at work and can't put a grid on it, but my revised opinion putting a 
straight edge on it that despite my efforts, Frank is right and it is cockeyed. 
Arghhh.  Once in a while the simplest explanation is correct.  I will recheck 
in PS.
I also did take artistic license and added a layer with a 35 pixel Gaussian 
blur with 20% opacity to enhance the glow a smidge.  I think Frank may be 
correct and I should trim the highlights just a tad on the castle after that 
procedure as it  led to some loss of detail due to the enhance "glow".   For 
images I rather like, I now save the PSD file so I can review after a few days 
as problems may be missed the first go around.  Thanks again.

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