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[OM] IMG: Nathan's PAW 15: Santa Faz aftermath and a backyard BBQ

Subject: [OM] IMG: Nathan's PAW 15: Santa Faz aftermath and a backyard BBQ
From: Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 May 2024 07:01:35 +0200
Not so much happening in mid-April, a hiatus between the trip to Paris the 
preceding week and upcoming trips to Denmark and London later in the month. But 
this week was just about work and home activities, punctuated by a local 
holiday on Thursday, Santa Faz. It is a strictly Alicante holiday (so, all 
shops etc. are open normally in the suburb where I live because we are in the 
neighbouring municipality El Campello which does not celebrate this holiday). 
Santa Faz is called this because of a relic housed in a local monastery, a 
piece of cloth allegedly used to wipe Jesus’s face when he was on the cross, 
and a related 16th century miracle. A major thoroughfare is closed, and a huge 
procession (more than 330,000 people this year) walks the 7-8 km from the 
cathedral in the centre to the Santa Faz monastery, not far from my house. 
Traditionally, a big part of the procession were teenagers pushing shopping 
carts full of booze and munchies. After the end of the procession they would 
walk another couple of km to the beach and party there the rest of the day. 
However, a few years ago the city clamped down on this “botellón”, even 
frisking people’s backpacks to ensure that no booze was smuggled to the beach, 
and of course no shopping carts anymore either. Instead, a “fiesta 0.0%” is 
organised on the beach, with music and various alcohol-free activities, 
although undoubtedly some people do manage to get their hooch past the police 
and in any event, the bars along the beach promenade are open normally. So in 
the afternoon I went to the beach to have a look. 

Besides Santa Faz, we had a bbq at our house on Sunday afternoon with the usual 
small group of friends and way more food than we could possibly eat, even with 
help from Balu, a cute greedy four-legged visitor. It is all here:


And as always, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.


Nathan Wajsman


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