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Re: [OM] Help with Spyder X calibration

Subject: Re: [OM] Help with Spyder X calibration
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2024 15:58:48 -0700
At 1/27/2024 11:12 AM, Mike wrote:

>Thanks Wayne. 
>I am using a Dell (think the model is U2412m) and an HP Z24i. The HP has just 
>replaced an older HP panel which was pre LED and getting steadily dimmer. 
>The software at one point wanted me to set the HP to 120 cdm2. I ignored this 
>and left it at 180 while I continued the calibration. Once that was finished 
>and the new LUT loaded, the monitor dimmed considerably. I suspect I was now 
>only using half the monitors brightness range. I started again with a brighter 
>room light measurement and was now advised to use 180 for the HP but 200 for 
>the Dell next to it. 
>Moose suggested finding where the monitor settings are held on disk but I have 
>had no luck with that. Searched program data, program files, registry, whole 
>of boot disk - nothing. 
>> On 27 Jan 2024, at 17:44, Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> At 1/26/2024 09:47 AM, Mike wrote:
>>> Perhaps someone can help on this. I have two 24 inch LCD screens mounted 
>>> side by side. I am calibrating them using a Datacolor Spyder X Pro. I 
>>> obviously want to have the two screens match as closely as possible.
>>> When I perform the calibration, the Spyder software insists on different 
>>> brightness settings for the two screens ­ it wants one to be 20 cd/m2 
>>> brighter than the other. I canâ??t find where or how to override this and 
>>> have both at the same setting. Any ideas? At the moment there is a clear 
>>> difference when the same image is shown on both screens.
>>> Mike
>> I no longer have the spyder software. Currently I use colorchecker plus from 
>> Calibrite.
>> This software wanted me to change the brightness quite a bit. That was 
>> because it was targeting 120 cdm2. However I left the monitors brightness at 
>> 75%. The 120 target required brightness setting to be around 19%, which felt 
>> wrong. So I left the cdm2 value at the measured 220 (the 75% default monitor 
>> brightness setting) and went ahead with the calibration.
>> Perhaps just ignore the brightness adjustment setting recommended, adjust 
>> the monitors to what seems the same brightness to you, at a level you like 
>> working at. Then continue the calibration. It should come up with the 
>> correct profile. 
>> I have read that using a low brightness setting can also decrease the colors 
>> it can display. IE. In this note: 
>> https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4467911 someone also says "The 
>> brightness of your monitor should be irrelevant when editing for electronic 
>> distribution in sRGB format."
>> If you are going for print, then a lower cdm2 might be preferred. But for 
>> online display, set the monitor brightness to what you like to work with, 
>> then continue the calibration.
>> I have Dell monitors which also have various settings. I use Standard. I 
>> have tried Paper and there is also a Color Temp, Movie, multimedia, Game, 
>> sRGB, Custom Color. What monitor are you trying to calibrate?
>> WayneS  

If Windows you can type "color management" and it should bring up the color 
management control panel and you can see all the monitor .icc files there.

I'm not sure how the profiles dim the monitor.

I didn't know you had two different monitors so not surprising the cdm2 value 
is differnt.

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