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Re: [OM] Brian Swale

Subject: Re: [OM] Brian Swale
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2023 06:46:13 -0700
I'm always sad to hear such news. Thanks for the photo of Brian.

Obsession with cameras and with life are a good thing I think.


At 7/25/2023 10:42 AM, Moose wrote:
>On 7/25/2023 4:03 AM, Wayne Harridge wrote:
>>I received the following Facebook post from Brian Swale's daughter:
>>" We are sad to let you all know that Dad (Brian Swale) passed away on
>>Saturday night in Ripponburn Hospital.  Brian passed peacefully after a
>>sudden illness.  We will keep you all updated on events happening this week.
>>Thank you."
>>Brian was a long time member of this list and great supporter of Olympus
>>cameras -
>>I don't think he ever had a camera that wasn't Olympus!
>Not quite so . . . Remember the hand made 120 film 6x17 cm camera? A beautiful 
>"BTW I'm finding it is trickier than anticipated to find subjects suitable for 
>6x17 negatives; but I'll get there. Fun stuff; a luxurious 4 shots per roll of 
>120 film ( 220 film not usable, since the backing paper is essential); frame 
>boundaries being determined by looking for numbers on the backing paper 
>rolling past through an open hole (glass-less in this case) as in the days of 
>yore (Box Brownie)." (2009)
>"And to respond to Wayne's question, Yes I still have the Obsession 6x17 and 
>have been seriously thinking about putting film through it again." (2016)
>In photos posted here, Brian generally looked anywhere from uncomfortable to 
>With this nice exception. 
>I don't approve of this trend as I get older of friends dying off!
>Missing Them Moose
>What if the Hokey Pokey *IS* what it's all about?
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