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Re: [OM] A few flutterbys from Horn Pond Mtn

Subject: Re: [OM] A few flutterbys from Horn Pond Mtn
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 02:11:37 -0700
On 7/10/2023 4:40 PM, usher99--- via olympus wrote:
<<Here, it seems to my eye that the fill has lost/suppressed textural detail.

<<Is that much yellow normal? I don't recall that in the ones I've photographed. 
It's there in your version, but more obvious in mine.
I suspect the yellow is jazzed just a tad but not over the top of what I've 
seen.  The hind wings are yellowish. Thanks for looking so closely.
As Dean has pointed out the very best flash is off axis.  He recently took a shot of a Coral 
Hairstreak with what happened to be very low angle light and it really enhanced the texture and the fact 
that the wings weren't perfectly flat. I would have to carry my Lepp II bracket which makes the rig much 
more awkward.  I have not been smitten by any of the available TTL twin flashes for Oly or Sonnie 
yet. Bolt has one that is wireless and light but very slow to recharge and the Oly one has wires.  
Probably better than what I am using.    From years of chasing these winged critters, I've 
almost never been happy with raising the shadows in post.

I did nothing to raise shadows. The version I just showed was done with Curves. Don't know precisely, but lowered center and slightly further lowered middle highs. Just looked at it again. Indistinguishably the same result from Levels, 0, 0.64, 255. Might say it's not about top and bottom, but about the shape of the curve in between. I freely admit that I eschew flash because it's too much gear to carry and fuss with. Fortunately, it works out for me.

The structural colors really require more photons to pop.

Not sure about that. Not complete/up to date, but here are 44 flutterby shots. <http://zone-10.com/tope2/main.php?g2_itemId=17808> No photons were added in taking any of them. As I recall the Paris Peacock shots were quite dark, perhaps a couple of others.

Even if the texture is diminished, they can still look like wonderful objets 


  I also like to give the nice T32 some exercise as you probably have guessed.

Just been in a little discussion on the FB ZA page with a guy about macro. I said that haven't used the T8, T10 or T28 Twin flashes since I got the LED ring flash. No nostalgia for flash here. 😁

I do thing those macro flashes are fabulous designs, but now do no better for more fuss and bother. OMZ macro lenses still rule!

Easy Way Moose

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