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Re: [OM] OM-2S Program vs OM-2 spot/program

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-2S Program vs OM-2 spot/program
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2023 10:52:18 -0700
At 3/13/2023 09:39 PM, you wrote:
>On 3/13/2023 6:56 PM, MICHAEL GORDON via olympus wrote:
>><<If the user gets interested in TTL flash, <<the 2n is better.
>>Please elaborate.  Did not the plain 2 fill in with ambient if the flash was 
>>insufficient?  I think the 2n could be forced to do that.  Both protocols 
>>have their advantages.
>Beginner shooting film.
>from eSIF:
>The main difference between these two bodies is the System Flash support. The 
>OM-2 supports TTL/OTF flash control with both the Quick Auto 310 flash (with 
>Accessory Shoe 2) and the T series flashes (with Accessory Shoe 3). The OM-2n 
>supports TTL/OTF flash control only with the T series flashes and only accepts 
>Accessory Shoe 4. The OM-2n adds a flash ready / flash ok LED and an exposure 
>compensation flag in the viewfinder, and automatic flash synchro speed 
>setting. The longest guaranteed reproducable exposure time on the OM-2n is 2 
>minutes, independent on ASA speed, while the OM-2 has a long exposure limit 
>that varies with ASA speed (1 minute with 100 ASA). The OM-2n automatically 
>sets the shutter speed at 1/60 sec with a T flash. The OM-2 however will keep 
>the shutter open when the flash does not give enough output, using available 
>light OTF as an addition to the light produced by the flash. Some people think 
>this is an advantage, but it is not without reason Olympus changed this i
 n the OM-2n: the electromagnetic shutter will quickly drain the battery when 
it stays open for extended periods.
>Coin Flip Moose

I'm going with an OM-4(t) for the beginner, as I have one in hand. And my grand 
daughter (19) is quite the beginner. Wish I was closer to her to teach some 
basics, but we are on opposite sides of the continent. Some of her questions 
show how little about film photography she knows (explaining slide vs 
negative...). I can see the reason the Fuji X100V has become a fad with the 
younger crowd, with film simulation and jpegs SOOTC (straight out of the 

The black Olympus Stylus Epic seems to have become a cult classic as used 
prices as high as $275. I remember when I could not give them away. Somewhere 
there was a recommendation of a Canon AE-1 for film photography, and has put 
that camera's desire up there as well. TLRs are also back in vogue.

Meanwhile, I bought some Provia 100F last year, $16/roll and today it is 

So trying to home in on what she really is looking for. Should she take some 
classes? Perhaps a Fuji X-E3? Cost of developing and getting things scanned - 
howto? A big learning curve. I want to inspire her but not overwhelm her.

I still think the OM-4T is the best camera. My kids said mine was permanently 
attached to my hand back in the late 90s.

I bought an oly lens from Japan (eby) and they sent me a roll of 400 Superia 
Premium with it, which is only available in Japan.

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