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Re: [OM] OM-2S Program vs OM-2 spot/program

Subject: Re: [OM] OM-2S Program vs OM-2 spot/program
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 11:29:24 -0700
On 3/13/2023 9:41 AM, Frank wrote:
Same camera, different markets if I remember correctly.

As long as they are working a nice camera (don't ask the Alaska branch,
unless you want several pages of lyrical memories ;-), but unreparable due
to circuits no longer available.

Noting beats an OM-1/2 I think, and most kids want the full retro anyway ;-)

For me, it would be OM-2(n) or OM-4(T(i))

The OM-1 requires a 1.35v battery, which haven't been made for decades, or a special adapter for a 1.5v battery, which is good, but not perfect. Just too much hassle, when an OM-2(n) may be used fully manual, if desired.

My favorite is the OM-4 body. Many plain OM-4 bodies have the later circuit installed. For practical use, those, a "T" or a 'Ti" are all the same. Better auto exposure, both spot and ESP, than an OM-2.

If the user gets interested in TTL flash, the 2n is better. If they start using a tripod, the bodies before the 4 series (and OM2000) have no way to control vibrations from the aperture stop-down mechanism. Self timer on the 4 series pre-fires mirror and aperture as soon as the shutter release is pressed. The extra wait is a pain, the results, especially with med-tele and longer lenses and light and/or metal tripods, much better.

My latest loaner for a student was an E-M5 II. 😁

Memory Lane Moose

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