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Re: [OM] Capture One "perpetual license" changes

Subject: Re: [OM] Capture One "perpetual license" changes
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Dec 2022 02:59:02 -0800
On 12/6/2022 8:46 PM, Peter Klein wrote:
I have been using Capture One for years. One of the reasons I've used it is that Adobe's licensing scheme is basically software rental.  I am opposed on principle to software rental schemes.

I kinda disagree. I bought into the subscription right away. The versions of PS and LR that I use now are far better than the first ones. I have no idea how the price is divided between keeping the lights on, product development and profit. I do know that I feel I get value for my money. I would NOT be happy to go back to the last pre-subscription versions.

Topaz is an instructive example. They were on the buy it and use it, including updates, forever. The finally wrote us all a nice letter. They explained how, in order to keep the business going, they had been developing new products that would bring in revenue, and neglecting existing further development of existing products. So, they were sorry, but they would start charging for major updates.

They have been a huge bright spot in bringing AI to the tasks of photo processing since then. I use them on nearly every photo I work on in post.

DxO is another example. They don't have an official subscription model. But they regularly charge for major updates, so it amounts to a subscription. If one doesn't buy new cameras and lenses, and doesn't want improved function, sure it works forever (subject to OS problems). But remember, one of DxO's strengths is their proprietary lens/camera distortion and aberration correction. To use it with my OM-1 and 100-400 and 12-200 mm Oly lenses, I'd need the latest version. They have also improved function over the years. For example, their raw NR is right up there with the best. On a few occasions, when Topaz Denoise AI hadn't been giving me the results I expect/need, DxO has done the job. If I were still using PhotoLab 3, I wouldn't have that.

The idea that a customer should have to pay for the rest of their life or lose the ability to edit, print, or even view their work seems wrong to me.

I may rail at the sun to stay up, as it sets. I suspect that the best quality software will all end up with something like a subscription model, whether so called or not.

On 12/6/2022 10:08 PM, Nathan Wajsman wrote:
I dislike rentals too, but I have a dumb question: given that I do not need to 
be connected to the Internet to use my Lightroom CC and given that I do not use 
any Adobe cloud storage, what prevents me from using my software in perpetuity? 
I realise that there would be no more upgrades, but I do not believe I would 
lose the ability to edit my images.

Don't be too sure. Adobe requires its apps to be logged in. It's all low key, if you have a subscription and don't change computers. If you run it on a computer that is never internet connected, you might be able to use it endlessly. But I suspect, perhaps even recall, that if it runs too long sans login, it requires you to use another method to verify subscription.

Some clever folks work to maintain that income stream.

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