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[OM] Capture One "perpetual license" changes

Subject: [OM] Capture One "perpetual license" changes
From: Peter Klein <boulanger.croissant@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2022 20:46:06 -0800
I have been using Capture One for years. One of the reasons I've used it is that Adobe's licensing scheme is basically software rental.  I am opposed on principle to software rental schemes. The idea that a customer should have to pay for the rest of their life or lose the ability to edit, print, or even view their work seems wrong to me.  Capture One seems to have taken the first step towards that model.

Capture One's license was perpetual as long as I've been using it, since the Leica M8 days). They added a subscription option in recent years. Well, going forward, Capture One's perpetual license may not be so perpetual. Today I received an email from Capture One, which is linked below. The phrase "new customer loyalty scheme" seems to foreshadow some more Adobe-like behavior. So far they are not talking about ceasing access to the version we bought in supposed perpetuity, but who knows whether we are being prepared for something like that in future? I feel a chill wind blowing from Denmark.

Last time I looked, several years ago, most open-source and freeware Raw editing programs were way behind Lightroom and Capture One. Are there any that have become more "ready for prime time?" I want to have a Plan B in case the need arises. Layers are a must.

Here's the Capture One message on their Web site. It's is essentially the same as the email. Note the user comments below the article.

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