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Subject: Re: [OM] Capture one black friday
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 14:05:07 -0800
On 11/26/2022 12:26 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
Thanks Ian for the informative response. I have used other style packages and 
they all seem to make a disaster of my photos.

I also found a discussion on FM
C1 pro vs LR

Some people really like Sessions in C1 over LR catalogues.

Plural? My one catalog has a bit more than 160,000 entries. It's still quick enough. I can't see how splitting it up would do anything but make finding what I want harder.

Everything is entered by camera and date. Because I often use multiple cameras for one time or place, I do use Collections to make seeing everything from one time/place/subject together.

Collections are very powerful.

But I know some like to be able to search those LR catalogues. Since I'm not 
very good at tagging my photos because I am lazy, it may not be such a deal.

One of the smartest things I've done is to geocode pretty much every photo taken away from home since 2004. This means I can go into Maps in LR, select a place, and find all the pix taken there, at any time, with any camera. Conversely, if I select pix without GPS data, I get all those from home.

I did a pretty good job of keyword tagging our Bhutan trips, and some others, 
but it's woefully inadequate, overall.

Although using a bunch of vintage lenses, if I don't tag them, I quickly forget.

Yeah, I have to do those right away, or they slip away.

1. load onto computer.
2. EXIF tag.
4. Import into LR.

I'm still using the Windoze Explorer "Send To" function to run batch files that use exiftools to enter the lens data. simple, reliable, slightly tedious.

I keep saying I should get organized, but for now I am just labeling 

Here, we differ. All directories are created, by camera, date, filename when brought into the computer, then imported into LR that way. The selection by Metadata and Collections are how I see groups of photos.

For example, I wanted to try out DxO Viewpoint 4, so I selected the folders for the Sony A7 bodies, then used Metadata to see only shots with the Heliar 10/5.6. I seconds, I have all those photos selected, and could choose which to play with.

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