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Re: [OM] DxO Black Friday

Subject: Re: [OM] DxO Black Friday
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2022 21:32:33 -0800
On 11/22/2022 2:13 PM, Mike Lazzari via olympus wrote:
    I use v. 3 very occasionally. It works.  My current thought is to do
    the upgrade  to v4 for $45 ... if it makes my coffee in the morning
    too. Otherwise I'm good.  :)

I've been trying out the trial version. Better than my recollection of the 
first version. Esp the auto functions.

On photos with the Voigtländer "Hyper-Wide" Heliar 10/5.6, the basic correction does almost nothing, same as in their Photolab, as the lens is well corrected. Volume deformation correction with H and V correction works well.

With diagonal correction, it improves the natural look of corners - but bends straight lines further in, even slightly in the center. That's a definite non-starter for many images. Once I got into doing lots of perspective corrections examples, I did find a couple where diagonal worked, and was helpful.

Perspective correction is another matter. Once I got into looking at it, I realized how much post time I spend on perspective correction. I tried it on 35+ images, of a wide range of subjects. I'd say AUTO Mode nailed over 80%, and simple manipulation of the sliders brought that up to almost all.

The combination of volume correction and perspective correction did a really 
good job on some.

I started out with an image that perhaps nothing can really correct, and was skeptical. As I tried image after image, and recalled with some my time and effort to correct them another way, I came to the conclusion that it would save me oodles of time, so I bought it.

One oddity, which I'll bug them about is that mostly, one may not do both DxO lens correction and perspective correction at once. I had to do one, save, then do the other. May be only in the PS plug-in.

Perspectivacious Moose

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