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[OM] Wild Rose

Subject: [OM] Wild Rose
From: DZDub <jdubikins@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2022 20:39:50 -0500
My mom lived in a condo for her last 15 years and had to get special
permission from the condo board to plant roses.  When she passed away and
we were getting her place ready to be sold, we were contacted by the
president about removing the roses.  We could take them or they would
remove them.  Personally, I had no immediate interest, but over time I
began to feel the little losses like a thousand tiny cuts, so I dug up her
wild rose, which I knew she liked a lot, and planted it on our property.

I had thought this photo was a focus stack, but I actually took it with the
DZ 40-150 + MMF-1 @80mm, f8.  Just enough DOF to cover the flower for the
most part:


These are not hoity-toity roses but grow wild on the fence posts, and so
forth.  The blooms are very short-lived, but they produce continually
through the warm months.

Joel W.
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