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Re: [OM] IMG: Fall Fallout

Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Fall Fallout
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2021 00:15:58 -0500
Hi Moose.  I like your changes in my Nature shot.

With the HVAC unit, I stayed with Carrier because the ducting and piping fit properly, and they had made improvements in materials and warranty. It swapped out in about 3 hours, and the dealer was one I knew.

My granddaughter and husband are building a new home, and they are going with an induction range.  Seems to be the popular thing to do.

On 10/8/21 11:52 PM, Moose wrote:
On 10/8/2021 11:44 AM, Jim Nichols wrote:
We are seeing signs of cooler weather.  A few colorful  leaves are showing up beneath the Red Maple tree.


Nice! Subjects, composition work for me.

'Twere mine, I'd tame the brights a bit and make it richer. <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/Others/Nichols/FallFallout.htm>

Just two steps:
PS Highlight/shadow tool,
Shadows = 10, 20, 23
Highlights = 31, 50, 30

LCE, i.e. Unsharp Mask, 20, 50, 0

And, cooler nights led to turning on the heat, or trying to. Found that the draft blower in the 13-year old HVAC system had failed.

Exactly why I have held on to my 1956 furnace. It still works perfectly. It was built for the ages. When I last checked, projected savings from higher efficiency took longer to pay it off than it's 15 year expected life.

After we recover from the repair/remodeling going on now, I expect to replace it with a heat pump HVAC system.

I don't know whether the current run up in gas prices will last, but I do like the idea of cutting down on local gas use. I've replaced the 1956 electric stove with an induction range. The oven in the old one died; not the heating elements. I could probably fix it, but thought its time had come. Induction is more powerful than home gas ranges and changes in heat are as fast as gas. No nooks and crannies to get dirty.

I like it and Carol LUVs it.

Masked Moose

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

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