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Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: Service Life
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2021 15:56:09 -0500
It was news to me, as well, Mike.  When our local utilities board offered fiber service for telephone and television, I was an early customer, dropping my previous telephone and cable suppliers. That simplified my contacts when I had a problem. But, in the case of my dangling line out back, my utility service desk told me they cannot get in touch with the Spectrum folks, even though their cables use the same poles. I don't see anything "joint" about that attitude.

On 10/1/21 3:27 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
What I want to know is how the heck anyone knew a JPA existed?  It certainly 
doesn't in MA.  Our services are buried but that doesn't stop incidents from 
A new house hooked up something askew and we were w/o power from 1:15 PM until 
10:30 PM last Saturday.  The outage was restricted to Woodland Mead. I have 
been told by linemen patients that the biggest culprit in small outages is 
squirrels, but not in our case.

Can't blame Rocky, Mike

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

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