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[OM] New additions to the Living History Farm

Subject: [OM] New additions to the Living History Farm
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2020 12:19:21 -0800
In a stunning display of foolishness, I acquired some E-system carnage
from another listmember/enabler.

Every attempt in my mind to rationalize my kit is met with opportunity
to expand. Strangely enough, this expansion actually has some deranged
logic to it. And it plays well into future acquisitions over the next
few years.

So, a shiny E-3, 12-60 SWD, and 50-200 SWD have made their arrival to
the Zone-10 Living History Farm.

This is a lot like eating bacon-wrapped shrimp. You know that there
are some religious laws against such a thing, but the guilty pleasure
is just too intensely satisfying.

There are now three distinct "stand-alone" systems, that all have some
form of overlap, but my E-system is now reasonably complete. It
contains two E-1s, two E-3s, an E-300, E-400, and L1. Lenses now
include the 12-60 SWD, 50-200 SWD, 14-54 Mk1, 14-42 (2), and the

The 50-200 SWD lens really was the missing links in my system and I
always had to use either the low-end kit lenses, or adapt OMZ lenses.
While there are the F2 lenses, those are too specialized, expensive
and large for me to use on a regular basis. And I don't really need
anything super wide like the 7-14.

Honestly, I don't mind the size/weight of this kit. When I want to
travel light, I will grab my m43 kit, but when I'm in a serious
photography mood or situation, I want something that is ergonomically
designed for that purpose. And that 50-200 is a sweet lens. I'll have
a dedicated "go bag" containing a nice two-lens, two-body E-system
kit, along with a flash.

Over the next couple of years, I'll keep an eye out for a bargain E-5
and/or E-M1 Mk2. No rush on those, it'll happen when it happens.

Thank you, Enabler Extraordinaire!

AG Schnozz
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