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[OM] TECH : Pb with scanned JPEGs & LR - Technies' help welcome.

Subject: [OM] TECH : Pb with scanned JPEGs & LR - Technies' help welcome.
From: Philippe <photo.philippe.amard@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 May 2020 16:48:38 +0200
This is a call for help from the technies on board.

I’m scanning old slides using an ageing  3170 photo epson scanner on the I-mac. 

I scan them in the highest res (officially 6400) and then import them in LR.

This works more or less (see below) when I select TIFF, but the files are 
massive …

So I tried JPEG. So far so good. I can see them in Preview.

BUT LR doesn’t see them when I want to import them.

Most surprisingly, PS does. If I open one such JPEG in PS, and save it as a 
JPEG, LR then sees it and accepts to import it ...

Any clue as to why, contrary to PS of the same generation (subscription and 
automatically updated) LR is blind to these JPEGs?
And is there any (simple) cure?

OTHER: the TIFF files also MAY be unreadable on import but at least LR tells me 
they exist and can’t be read out. This happens randomly. In a batch of 4 slides 
I may get a 25% to 50% error rate …

Thanks in anticipation for any help from insiders :-)



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