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Re: [OM] Window Shopping for cameras

Subject: Re: [OM] Window Shopping for cameras
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2020 17:06:55 -0800
> Not too many choices if want easy adapting for OMZ lenses at native AOV with 
> IBIS.  The ultrawides won't behave perfectly in the corners w/o Kolari mod, 
> but that might be overkill.

The 21/3.5 certainly vignetted a bit on the 6D, as did the 24/2.8 a
tiny bit. The 35/2 and 50/1.4 vignette really bad because of the
nature of the microlens design that Canon uses. But otherwise, I
really had no complaints.

> Nothing wrong with ergonomics on Fuji with  or w/o speedbooster for the 
> Zuikos.   Did you try?  The glass is very nice too --even have a  very cool 
> 56/1.2 APD lens.

The Fujis are definitely worth keeping in mind. I think the
control/function ergonomics are typical Fuji and are a bit odd. But
the coloring of the images is quite good. But unless I go with a FF
camera, I prefer staying with the m43 mount for maximum compatibility
with the other stuff.

I suppose the problem is that I do like the Sony A7 II, but don't want
to spend that much money on an "old" camera. And the EVF of that
generation really isn't good outdoors.

AG Schnozz
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