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Re: [OM] Six Months

Subject: Re: [OM] Six Months
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 12:11:55 -0900
To the Goodwill thing for a second, this was a decision we made to go
ahead and ship a bunch of the stuff up here because the need was
greater up here than in Iowa. One state's junk is another state's

> Ever thought of a (teddy) bear?
> Hope the puppy survives - our cats suffered the same ordeal and 7 months 
> later they seem perfectly fit for the place :-)

Speaking of cats, there has been a big cat sighting only a mile or two
east of our house. More than one apex creature around here. Wolves are
around here too. We're seeing a fox go through our back yard almost
every day now. The moose come right up to the house to munch on the
grass immediately next to the wall that isn't buried under snow.

> Mind the thaw ….

Still over 125 feet above the river. Maximum flood through there is
probably 75-100 feet if we had a landslide close off the river down by
the bridges. Entirely possible and within the scope of possibility
when you consider that the Boundary Fault runs right under that
specific location and is expected to trigger about a 7.3 when it rips.
Oh wait, the place closer to the river is only 70 feet above the
river. Hmmm.......

> Keep reporting and sending good vibes AG.
> Wish you the best Philippe

Thank you.

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