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Re: [OM] First panorama

Subject: Re: [OM] First panorama
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 13:11:33 -0800
On 2/8/2018 11:22 AM, Ken Norton wrote:
Shrugging Moose wrote:
Sounds like a bit of overkill, but more than necessary is definitely better
than too few.
Agreed. I shot myself in the foot a few times before I figured out
that severe overlap trumped efficiency nearly every time. By having a
severe overlap, it means that every pixel is covered by three images.
This is good when one of the pictures is blurred or otherwise

Belt and Suspenders works. :-)

It also means that there is less distortion and
vignetting correction required as the combined image is of the sweet
spot of the lens for every portion.

It's easy to just use the wide lens or wide end of the zoom, 'cause it's for a wide shot, right??. But I like it better shooting with a normal-ish FL, vertical orientation. Less distortion and vignetting for the stitcher to deal with, better results. Also fewer with somehow inadequate vertical AoV.

With the 5D, I'd try 17 mm on the 17-35 lens. If that wasn't wide enough, I'd zoom out to 35 mm and rotate to vertical for the pano. Same thing with the 9-18 zoom on µ4/3, except I now have different options, so don't know how I'll settle.

I was doing that, too, but somewhat to very dissatisfied with too many of
them. With some landscapes, I had the choice of Dwayne Johnson shoulders,
falling away rapidly at the sides, or Dick Nixon shrugs, with sides shooting
It helps to overshoot the ends and crop the resulting merged photo.

Hard with something approaching 180° already. An interesting idea though, to force the projection algorithm to do the extremes where you can chop them off.

Obviously, there is not much you can do about subject distance
distortion, but my images don't scream "I'm not a crook" as much as
they used to.

The Panini Projection in Hugin is an excellent middle ground.
I haven't been able to suss out Hugin yet. For some reason, whoever
wrote the interface didn't think in terms of common workflow logic.

The interface is anti-logical, but the results are superior. Now that I can do simple stuff, I've promised myself to do one fairly often, to remain clear on how to use it. :-)

How Wide Moose

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