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Re: [OM] Six Months

Subject: Re: [OM] Six Months
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 15:48:28 -0900
> Thanks for the progress report.  Glad to hear you are staying busy.

Very. The challenges of staying on top of a new job and taking classes
at the same time. I'm in the midst of the capstone class for a
MicroMasters in Cybersecurity from RIT. It's pretty brutal. It's kinda
like that meme going around: ""If you're paddling upstream in a canoe
and a wheel falls off, how many pancakes are required to shingle the

It's very fascinating and quite dynamic. For one of the labs we have
to do a MiTM attack. No problem, been there, done that... Except in
the eight weeks since the lab requirements and instructions were
written, a major upgrade to the browsers has been implemented which
made it obsolete and they had to rewrite the instructions to counter
the new defensive mechanism. (that didn't take long--when we students
could figure out how to defeat the new preventative measures with a
couple setting changes).

I'm glad it's the only class I'm taking as it is taking over 20 hours
a week of time and roasting a few billion braincells in the process.

> As for darkroom equipment, you are not alone.  My limited darkroom equipment
> hasn't seen the light of day since I placed it in the garage attic in 1967.

We had everything moved for us. And due to scheduling issues, the
movers came after we were already in Alaska. So it's an adventure
finding things because there are garage items stuffed into bedroom
drawers and kitchen utensils buried under bicycle tires. Most things
have been unpacked to varying degrees of success, but there are two
huge boxes that are mostly garage items that I haven't done anything
other than peek into the top of and probably 15 boxes that need to be
emptied. We've taken car loads of stuff to Goodwill.

Yet, there is a part of me that says "wait" as we may move to another
place in the neighborhood that is larger and has nothing but river and
forest in the back yard. (only 500 feet from the river and 130 feet
above). Tons of bear and moose down below. Probably not safe for
letting our toy poodle spend unattended time outdoors. Another one
that may come available when our lease is up is only 250 feet from the

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