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Re: [OM] On tour in Munich album

Subject: Re: [OM] On tour in Munich album
From: SwissPace <ian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2017 14:36:18 +0200
I think I mentioned before that there is a special edition titanium om-5 mk2 in the window of my local camera shop that keeps catching my eye and I do like like the idea of the smaller PLeica even if I lose a stop at the far end it's worth it for the extra reach - maybe I should think about trading the Fuji 100-400 and TC 1.4 and my canyon 5d mk2 in for that setup and I would gain focus stacking or is it bracketing

On a fuji note I am very pleased with the sharpness from the 10-24 it seems to match (or better) the 4/3 olympus 7-14

On 20/04/17 23:29, Moose wrote:
On 4/20/2017 11:19 AM, ChrisB wrote:
That’s a great collection, Ian. I really like Germany and my visit to Munich last year was very enjoyable, if a little brief. The night shots caught my eye in particular, but wasn’t it a bit of a pain carrying the 100-400 around?

Huh. I regularly carry a 100-400 around, but never checked it's relative size/weight. For whatever reason, the APS-C Fuji is not scaled down physically from FF lenses at all, while the PLeica is much smaller/lighter.

100-400 mm Canon EF Sony FE Fuji XF PLeica µ4/3 Weight: 1570 g (3.46 lb) 1395 g (3.08 lb) 1375 g (3.03 lb) 985 g (2.17 lb) Diameter: 94 mm (3.7″) 94 mm (3.7″) 95 mm (3.73″) 83 mm (3.27″) Length: 193 mm (7.6″) 205 mm (8.07″) 211 mm (8.29″) 172 mm (6.75″)

I can see why a 55-200 would appeal. In terms of reach, though, it wouldn't make me happy, with a long end FF eq. of 300 mm, vs. the 800 mm of the PLeica.

I am happy not to be toting any of the other 100-400s about. :-)

Long View Moose

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