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[OM] Smartphone apps for photography

Subject: [OM] Smartphone apps for photography
From: bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2017 18:46:37 +1200

My son who is visiting with his wife and new baby (was new, now 4
mth old) has donated me a Samsung Galaxy S4 smurf-phone, 

because he wants me to use Viber to phone him when he's on the other
side of the world. 

I didn't 'want' a smart phone at any price - but
now I haves one .... :-D I really prefer my LITTLE flip phone. 

It will
be totally switched off most of the time to the degree to which
switching off is possible; I notice that one battery charge lasts about
only 12 - 15 hours. 

But maybe it might have other uses. I recall from
some small number of years ago that AG mentioned some specific apps that
he found useful. I did not note their names. 

If any of you can suggest
apps that are useful in photography, I'd appreciate being told. 

been an eventful week. Drive to Christchurch 500 +- km away and spent
time with my two offspring and their 3 children. 

Then race back here
to arrange the demise of our 16 yo cat ( at an excellent cattery) who
had severe kidney failure. I buried him in our back yard yesterday ...

It's kind of ironic that our veterinary surgeons have no difficulty in
obtaining that excellent killing solution, but prisons in the USA have
the greatest difficulty 

in obtaining it for the purpose of executing

Start preparing for the delivery on Monday of furniture etc
which was salvaged from the fire 18 months ago, and cleaned. 

We could
be living in the house by Tuesday / Wednesday. Maggie is over the moon
about the finished result 

Cheers, Brian 
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