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[OM] Re Image resolution

Subject: [OM] Re Image resolution
From: bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 23:34:12 +1200

Moose wrote a whole lot which is beyond me responding to right now,
except for these two lines. 

This has even worse blown highlights.
There are several leaves which have gone completely white.

<http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/Others/BSwale/Leaves3.htm [1]>

They seem white for the very good reason that with the sun angle the way
it was, they acted as mirrors directing reflected sunlight directly at
the camera lens. 

These leaves are essentially flat, so they make good

For a while I thought they might have been sky showing
through, but could not think of any good reason why sky should alter
colour from blue to white, so thought again. 

Acting like mirrors, it
has to be. 

Which leads me to another observation that I reasoned out
on my own only a few days ago. 

The leaves of many trees hang down more
or less vertically. If they are photographed when the sun is high, the
line of sunshine is somewhat close to being parallel to the plane of the
leaves. Hence there is least reflected light, and the result may be a
dull photo. OK if the tree is to be mere background


otherwise not.

So I have figured out why, to me anyway, photos early or late in the
day are better. In addition, I like shooting into the light for many
situations. But by no means all. 

Please note I did not complain about
leaf colour - luminosity. Resolution was the topic. 

Lens filter. On
for lens protection. Clearly, if I am to be super-fussy, I need to take
the risk of removing filter for the duration of shots. Both lenses and
filters are clean. 

Cheers, Brian 

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