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Re: [OM] (OT) Olympus Pearlcorder Equipment

Subject: Re: [OM] (OT) Olympus Pearlcorder Equipment
From: ChrisB <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2015 18:30:21 +0000
It’s a Dutch met man!

Welcome back, Frank :-)


> On 27 Oct 2015, at 11:59, FXCM van Lindert <FXCM@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have been a very enthusiastic Olympus photographer in the past, and
> also a regular contributor to the list from 1995 until a few years
> back. When the Olympus gear became - litterally - too heavy a burden
> for my old shoulders, I have switched to lighter gear and sold off all
> my Olympus equipment. But I have always kept lurking the list
> contributions from many of you...
> I am still an enthusiastic photographer but nowadays I almost
> exclusively use one small camera, a S*ny RX100 III. I am very happy
> with that, expecially since I could continue all macro work I used to
> do with my Oly equipment before. I bought the camera as soon as I
> learned that it had a good viewfinder, a real must for my purposes.
> Every now and then I use an Olympus tele converter on the S*ny for
> range extension.
> Anyway, that is not the reason for this contribution to the list.
> I have still a lot of other Olympus equipment, which now must go
> because of my moving to a smaller house. I want to say goodbye to a
> lot of Pearlcorder dictation and transcribing equipment and hope that
> it will find a good home somewhere instead of going to the recycling
> point of our waste collector...
> To give you an idea I have three T-2020, one DT-1000, one DT-200 to
> go, most of them new and boxed. And an Olympus Pencorder 1N-524, as
> new and boxed. And a Zuiko Pearlcorder, but perhaps I will keep that
> collectible item a bit longer, it being small and therefore fit for my
> new house. 
> I also have many, many accessories for all kind of Pearlcorder
> recorders, both handheld and desktop type.
> My question: is any of you list members interested in Olympus
> Pearlcorder audio equipment to be added to your collection? In that
> case please reply off list. In the meantime I will prepare a list of
> all precise items I have got. 

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