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Re: [OM] Paul's dragstrip shot

Subject: Re: [OM] Paul's dragstrip shot
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 10:06:05 -0500
> Uh-oh.

Yes, run.

>> I can get a friend to come with me so we'd have two cars.  I'd have to gel
> my lights since Zeke has those really really white xenon lights surrounded
> by white LED's.  But I should be able to grab a couple of light amber gels
> from the theatre and just use a couple tiny pieces of gaffer's tape to hold
> them on.

Ah, I know the feeling. "Prairie Cruiser" is almost exactly the same
way. It's a pretty well balanced light and doesn't turn very warm in
photos. Hmm, just a thought, but instead of amber, you could go with a
blend of amber and/or stage pink. Something to warm him up without it
looking like bare flash.

> I can probably fake a flag, but that wouldn't really be accurate. US30 was
> a professional, AHRA-sanctioned track and had an electric Christmas tree at
> least as far back as the 60's.  I have never seen a photo with a flag start.

Good point. But what about this is "real"?

> The ghost taillights would be tricky, and probably unsafe since with no
> headlights after dark, it would be easy to get into trouble in a big hurry,
> especially in the left lane.

Nah. Piece of cake with your Suburu. Oh, wait...

It doesn't have to be pitch black. The tail lights just need to be
bright enough above ambient that you can high contrast (clip out
everything that isn't the lights) and blend it in on a layer using
"lighten only". In fact, the "lighten only" layering technique is
probably how I would blend in pass with the headlights. Hmm. When you
do the headlight pass, it would probably be best to have the
taillights and all visible markers covered.

Using layers, you can paint in what you want to show through by
masking out or deleting everything that is not what you want to stack.

Ken Norton
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