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Re: [OM] Shootin' in the dark [was High-ISO performance Rant - Saying it

Subject: Re: [OM] Shootin' in the dark [was High-ISO performance Rant - Saying it wit
From: "Ken Norton" <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 09:54:32 -0600
Moose's "Available Dark" shots with the F30 illustrate the worst possible
photographic lighting condition I can think of.  That is nasty dim lighting.
Like him, I would have longed for the 5D with F1.2 lens.

The noise-reduction in the pictures is disturbing to me, but I don't
necessarily have a solution.  It is what it is and there isn't much you can
do about it.

When faced with the same type of lighting conditions I fall back on
something I was taught years ago:  "Get the shot, worry about the exposure
later."  What this means is to do away with some "dynamic range" and
sacrifice "cleanliness" in the effort to always "get the shot" first.  About
every two months it seems that I'm in an "available dark" situation that
gives me some horrid exposure like 4 seconds at F2.8 at ISO 1600.  Obviously
this is not going to work when photographing people.  So I'll severely
under-expose the shot (2-3 stops) and then pull it back up when processing
the RAW file.  Both my E-1 and A1 have horrid chroma noise, but actually
rather attractive luminance noise, so I'll remove all pattern-noise as well
as the chroma noise.  Boosting the exposure two stops in conversion means
that the shadows contain nothing usable, so I adjust the curves to keep the
shadows black--otherwise the images just get noisy. Finally, if worse comes
to worse, just convert the image to B&W.  :)

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