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Subject: [OM] Re: RAW
From: "John A. Lind" <jalind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 22:56:38 -0500
At 06:04 PM 4/28/2005, Joel Wilcox wrote:
>The lovely thing is RAW is easy and very well-supported on the E-1.  I
>really do like it a lot.  But I get lazy with it once in a while and have
>expected the converter to fix my errors, rather than concentrate on using
>the camera's considerable smarts.  My goal is now to get perfect exposures,
>regardless of format.
>Joel W.

I believe part of "The Dream" being marketed is the "just do it" (now) and 
it is can be fixed later if it isn't quite right.  Perhaps it's usually 
easier with digital but there's little that can be done with a digital file 
that cannot be done in a darkroom.  Either way, it's pay now or pay later, 
and with the latter the debt collector comes calling . . . sometimes with 
painfully high interest rates.  A couple friends using digital have 
discovered this the hard way . . . spending considerable time fixing a 
critical photograph . . . and [re]learning the lesson that it's *always* 
better to "get it right" in the camera . . . digital or film.

-- John Lind

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