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[OM] Olympus Odyssey questions (packaging/loss/damage)

Subject: [OM] Olympus Odyssey questions (packaging/loss/damage)
From: Andrew McPhee <macca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 10:54:10 +1000
>Is the camera body being shipped from person to person in a moulded /
>pre-fitted polystyrene box or liner?
>Secondly, if the OM-1 body gets damaged or abused in transit is the
>recipient responsible to have it repaired and at whose cost? There is only
>one official Olympus repair facility in Canada.
>John Hudson
>Nova Scotia, Canada

The OM-1 will be sent in a sturdy box with a fitted foam insert, this is on 
my list of to-do jobs to make this today.

As for the camera getting lost or damaged, that's a risk I'm prepared to 
take.  Mind you, this is my original OM-1 body (my baby) and it will upset 
me if anything happens to her but no one will be required to get it fixed 
or reimburse me for loss.

In the event of it being damaged I'll pay for the camera to be returned to 
me (or John Hermanson) and then I'll be asking the OO participants to see 
if anyone can offer a replacement body to continue the Odyssey.

The camera will be sent with a neck strap attached which should minimise 
the risk of dropping while each participant is using the camera.  Enclosed 
with the camera will also be a sheet of pre-printed address labels that 
should prevent errors in addressing.

Andrew McPhee
Olympus Odyssey co-ordinator

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