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[OM] My rights as a photographer??

Subject: [OM] My rights as a photographer??
From: Albert <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 09:01:41 +0800
So I had dinner with my gf and a few friends, we see this HUGE lighting
setup, and so we go see what's going on.  They were doing an MTV shoot,
some famous singer.  So I'm standing ON THE SIDEWALK, and this lady
tells me not to take pics.  So I stop.  But after a while, I'm thinking,
I'm standing on a sidewalk, why can't I??  So I take a few more pics,
and the lady comes over, and now is brash with not so subtle threatening

Ok, someone tell me here, I'm on public property, isn't it my right to
photograph whatever I want while I'm standing on a sidewalk?  My feeling
is, if they don't want me to take a pic, move it indoors, or put up a wall..

I am upset...  Good thing I got a bunch of pics..


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