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[OM] Re: Compact / Subcompact pocket digital

Subject: [OM] Re: Compact / Subcompact pocket digital
From: Lawrence Woods <lmwoods@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:07:34 -0400
Unfortunately I have to agree with Moose about Olympus digital
cameras at this point.  After years of actively ignoring
digital cameras, my wife got tired of getting back from 
family events and seeing other relatives' pictures on the web
before we even got ours back from processing.  

For the last family event, she cajoled me into borrowing a
digicam and leaving my OM at home.  I ended up with an old
Olympus C-3xxx.   I hated it, mostly because of the time lag
after pressing the shutter, but also for the flash, which
either hot-spotted and red-eyed, or didn't throw out enough
light for the distance.

My wife's birthday is coming up, and in my research for a
compact P&S, the Olympus digital line generally looked rather
tired compared to the competition.  Of the newer models, the
only decent compact P&S, in my opinion, is the new 500.  The
Verve cameras are for people who carry them as fashion
accessories and don't actually take pictures.   A 2x zoom
lens?  No other camera maker is even offering such a
low-specification zoom.   

Unfortunately, since the Olympus 500 is so new, I got a much
better deal on a C*non Powershot S500, which is already a
generation old in C*non's line.

While researching P&S cameras, I also looked into what was out
there that I might want for myself even though I'm not getting
anything yet.  Among "advanced digital" models, compared to
the Panasonic Lumix FZ models,  the Olympus UZ models don't
even look like they are in the same league.   One caveat is
that this comparison was made on-screen, without actually
handling any of these "advanced digital" models.  I'm not
making the digital plunge yet, but I hope that Olympus catches
up before I do.  

     ----- Larry Woods

>Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:50:51 -0700
>From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [OM] Re: Compact / Subcompact pocket digital
>I'd love to get an Oly, but so far, they haven't been
competitive on my 
>criteria, usually size/weight. My son just gratuitously
remarked how 
>pleased he is with the Can*n S410 ...
     ----- Larry Woods

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