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[OM] Re: My rights as a photographer??

Subject: [OM] Re: My rights as a photographer??
From: "Albert" <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 11:46:10 +0800 (CST)
> In this situation you may not have been on public property any longer.
> Recently a commercial for ESPN was filmed in my next door neighbor's
> back yard. Essentially, in exchange for a lot of money, they got
> control of the whole street. They posted their no parking signs,
> controlled traffic, parking, had people towed. Essentially it was
> legally their street. Temporarily the sidewalk may have been theirs.

That is an interesting concept I hadn't thought about..

I was going to have the pics posted on my gf's blog, but she said,
previous cases of it happening before, and someone posted pics on their
blog of an MTV shoot..  MTV (sic) lawyers were all over it like white on
rice..  And when you are in Taiwan, let me tell ya, there's a lot of white
'cause there's a lot of rice..  From what my gf told me, they didn't
bother going after the girl who posted the pics, they went straight to the
ISP...  The felt threatening the ISP was easier than the girl.. and they
were right..  promptly removed...


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