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[OM] Re: Ok, this is a long shot -- but any list-members in Krabi, Thail

Subject: [OM] Re: Ok, this is a long shot -- but any list-members in Krabi, Thailand?
From: Thomas Clausen <T.Clausen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 05:18:38 +0200

On 18 Apr 2005, at 17:50, Daniel Mitchell wrote:

> Thomas Clausen wrote:
>> Failing that, any listees who've been to this region, and who's 
>> sitting
>> on a list of "must absolutely see/do/photograph while there" things
>> that they'd like to share?
>  I can't remember the address offhand, but the best thai massage we 
> had in Thailand was in a massage place just nextdoor to the hostel we 
> stayed on. It's a couple of blocks back from the restaurants that open 
> up after dark down by the waterfront, if that helps at all. Probably 
> not..

Thanks for the tip. It's not exactly my cup'o'tea, but I've passed it 
on too a colleague who's here with me. The "restaurant that open up 
after dark down by the waterfront" seemed to trigger his interest in 
tracking down this place...

>  Oh, and the diving off Koh Lanta is fantastic; if you're going to 
> stay on Lanta,

Krabi town, near Ao Nang, in something fancy called "Maritime Park & 
Spa Resort" or something like that.

>  the Last Beach Resort was a lot nicer than any of the places closer 
> to town. Mind you, I don't know if it's still there post-tsunami.

Well, I did go diving tuesday. I'm a crazy cold-water (& moderate cave) 
diver, so while I enjoyed the change of underwater landscape, let's 
just say that I wasn't impressed with how the dive-op's down here 
conduct dives. Being an instructor, I was not expected to "follow the 
group" and be shepherded around -- and fortunately so. While I 
initially had thought to "follow the locals around since they probably 
know where the interesting critters hide", the profiles which the other 
divers were being shepherded onto went against common wisdom (inverted 
profiles, unplanned deco, ...) and were (imo) downright dangerous. So I 
abandoned the group on both dives and did my own thing - it's my life, 
and I prefer seeing stuff rather than taking bets on which chamber I 
might end up in. (To the initiated, the divers who came up showed signs 
of subclinical DCI, but were fortunately not bent in the traditional 

Word of advice to any other diving zuikoholics who come this way: don't 
forget your training, and never trust the guide/shepherd, least you may 
get hurt.....

>  (om content: I have a big box of photos that I must get around to 
> scanning..)

Got a pile of photos as well, though nothing UW. I brought a few rolls 
of K25 along, and I am looking forward to get them back from Kodak's 
lab...in what, 6 months time when they process a batch of Kodakchromes 
again....;( I'll try to remember to scan a few and share by then....

Sorry for the OT chatter -- I'll behave now, least the list-mum will 
subject me to more verbal spanking...


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